What we do

Advisory and Consultancy

Provide advisory and consulting services to our client in wide arrays of islamic banking & Finance

Knowledge Management

training, seminars and conferences.


Shariah audit, compliance initiatives, operational and process review.


Create sustainable value across geographies and synergy within and across industries for our clients.


What our Partners are saying

Samantha Campbell

CEO, Alqami

"Masyref have proven their network capability through relevant and meaningful introductions that have helped us with our expansion into the Malaysian and Middle Eastern markets. The team are supportive, proactive, professional and intelligent, which makes the partnership easy and successful."

Raymond Gabriel

CEO, Createtec

"I was extremely impressed with the levels of service that Masryef Management House has given us. Their attention to detail in terms of Shariah compliance is exactly the kind of organisation we love to work with and they did not disappoint with their advice and expertise in this area."

Basheer Adegboyega Bello

Director, Marble Capital

"Masryef has demonstrated immense professionalism and depth of skills and knowledge in Shariah matters in our relationship thus far. They have supported the expansion of Islamic Finance in Nigeria and potentially West Africa with thought leadership, technology and commitment. The partnership is one that is cherished and important in shaping the face of Islamic Finance in our world."