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Masryef Management House

Masryef Management House is a boutique advisory firm that focuses on network facilitation and business matching. What makes Masryef different from other advisory firms is that Masryef is run by ex senior bankers, who used to serve Asean and Middle East region. Drawing from our in-depth banking experience, both Islamic & conventional, and extensive network, Masryef would be able to provide real and practical solution to its clients. 

For us at Masryef Management House, true success is measured in the difference it makes.


Trusted Islamic Finance Training Provider


Experienced Islamic Finance Consultant


70 Years Combined Experience in Banking


50 Years Combined Experience in Islamic Banking & Finance


3 Key Centres of Islamic Finance UAE | Malaysia | Saudi Arabia

Masryef Advisory

Masryef Advisory specialises in Islamic Banking and Finance. We develop and conduct training based on industry experience, provide consultancy and advisory services and assist you in areas of governance on Islamic Finance.

We are based in Kuala Lumpur, the hub of Global Islamic Economy. The founders of Masryef Advisory have a combined working experience of over 70 years in various areas of banking of which 50 years were devoted to Islamic Banking and Finance.

Their Islamic banking experience covers the practices of 3 key centres of Islamic finance, namely United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Masryef Academy

Masryef Academy is a training arm of Masryef Management House. We specialize in developing a broad range of tailored training and knowledge enrichment programmes with a view to equip our clients with an in-depth understanding of Islamic Banking & Finance as well as the related knowledge in Fintech, Financial Technicalities and Management, based on the current needs of the industry practice.